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The power of images to instil action has been a crucial tool throughout the last century. However, we now consume more images in our daily lives than ever before, making it more and more difficult to cut through the noise and activate change. This is a particularly pertinent problem for charities, who are constantly trying to bring focus, keep focus and inspire action while facing mass public fatigue.

Ivy Lahon, Managing Picture Editor for Save the Children believes campaigns need to be more “innovative, engaging and take creative risks”. To mark the 6th anniversary of the conflict in Syria, Save The Children have published a major research project Invisible Wounds, which illustrates the long-term psychological issues sustained by children affected by war. Rather than commission a photojournalist, Ivy collaborated with photographer Nick Ballon and artist Alma Haser to create a striking series of images and animations that aim to shift the paradigm of humanitarian storytelling.

I talked to Ballon and Haser about their collaboration and approach to the project for Creative Review.