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project info

Our project centered on two dedicated young jumpers in Oslo, Jonas Schøien Øvsegård and Jorgen Madsen, and the rules and routine they adhere to at the notorious Holmenkollen ski jump. Ski jumpers in Norway start out when they're three or four years old, it plays a key part of the local culture and community.

We were interested in discovering what the jumpers contemplate before and during a jump. To an observer, they ascend to the top of an impossibly high structure, pause at the top and then jump, soaring effortlessly through the sky. However, for the jumpers, it's all about religiously going through a certain process that they trust. They're flying 140 meters in the air and yet are super nonchalant with a laissez-faire attitude. There’s a fear that perhaps they don’t admit to. It’s probably what drives them to keep jumping.


Photographer: David Ryle

Art Director: Gem Fletcher