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Spa Day

project info

Spa Day explores the cultural obsession with an impossible standard of beauty and the pressure to achieve a certain ‘look’ fast. The project delves into the female psyche, commenting on the extreme and often deeply disturbing Western paradigm of beauty. The beauty industry perpetuates this status quo, leaving generations of women desperate and willing to try the most absurd of routines for a quick fix.

Inspired by internet culture, from the dark circle meme to the devastating results of the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, the project is a satirical exploration of the bizarre world of beauty regimes. We decided to take the project to a point of the absurd, full of irony and humor to reflect these issues back to the audience in a playful and accessible way. Creating a space where we can observe our behavior and laugh at ourselves.

Photographer: Aleksandra Kingo

Concept & Art Direction: Gem Fletcher
Set Designer: Amy Friend
Stylist: Natasha Freeman
Casting: Bunter Casting
Make Up: Erin Kristensen
Hair: Delphine Bonnet
Nails: Kate Cutler

Food Stylist: Lucy Ruth